Should your whole house be monochromatic?

monochromaticMonochromatic coloring can be a matter of personal preference. Some styles call for consistency throughout. For example, a lot of minimalist designs, such as Scandinavian design, likes to have simple, clean lines. Having the same flooring, or at least the same floor color, throughout the house can support such goals.

But it really doesn’t have to be the same throughout. There can also be reasons why you want different areas to look different. You may want each child to have a lot of control over their own bedroom so they can express themselves. You may want to clearly delineate spaces by having different flooring to visually mark off the boundaries of a space.

You may also want more variety if there are small children, elderly family members or individuals with eyesight problems. Breaking up the space visually can help people with certain personal challenges to navigate the space more effectively and safely. That is always a good thing.


If you like monochromatic designs, that’s totally cool. Whomever you work with should be willing to support that preference.

If you don’t like them, or if you have specific design considerations that need to be accommodated, that is also totally cool. Again, whomever you work with for designing the space or creating the space should accommodate your personal preferences and needs.

Such a question is often a matter of personal taste. But it can be influenced by other practical matters, such as the needs of specific family members. There is no absolutely right or wrong answer to this question.

If you aren’t sure what answer works best for you, you can speak with a design professional. They can help guide your decision and ask pertinent questions. They can also educate you about various styles and schools of thought. The point should be to serve your goals in creating a comfortable home that you can love for years to come.


But, in the end, you are the person who has to live there. So you should be the person who is happy with the end result. Ultimately, that fact matters more than any professional opinions.

You can seek professional opinions to help support your decision making process. But do not ever feel pressured to do something you aren’t comfortable doing. When it comes to questions of personal taste, this is very much an area where the customer is always right.

So, the short answer is that there are no “shoulds” or “shoud nots” when it comes to picking flooring. Do what you like and be happy with it.