Three Types of Floors to Consider When You Have Furry Babies

Owning pets is one of the best parts of being human, but having flooring that suits both of you can be a challenge. This is especially true if you do not have a lot of time for cleaning and your pets are known for shedding. Instead of continuing to have a home that does not reflect your pet-loving nature, consider changing the flooring to three types that work best with high-traffic environments.

Three types of flooring to avoid if you love pets

Do you have issues with your pets marking a specific place on the floor or find you are cleaning up after them almost every day? While there are different types of flooring that look great in your home, the one aspect that will make it favorable for pets is whether or not the flooring surface is permeable. In medical offices, laboratories, vet clinics and food processing plants for meat, the flooring must be made from materials that are unable to capture moisture in or under them. This means that carpet, hardwood flooring, and any type of ceramic or laminate tiles will not be pet-appropriate because these flooring types have small cracks. In addition to carpet collecting fur easily, spaces between tiles or hardwood flooring will capture any stray pet smells and urine.


Three kinds of flooring that every pet owner should know

Homeowners that are looking for an easy-to-clean flooring that works well with pets will find modern products that are far from boring. For example, bare concrete can be painted and sealed with an epoxy to provide a vast number of finishes. Other impermeable flooring includes polymer or sheet vinyl flooring with welded seams as well as laminate flooring installed using “glue-less” locking. For luxury homes, marble was traditionally not considered ideal because animals can track in rotting leaves that have tannins that will stain the floors. Despite this, new clear-coatings can be applied to marble or other stone that will make it impermeable.


Do not forget to choose the right color and finish

Finding the right flooring that suits having multiple pets is chosen for practical reasons, but do not forget about how the color of the floor can matter. For instance, many homeowners choose a floor color that has a fleck pattern because it obscures a slightly dirty floor. Adding to this, homeowners will choose a matte versus a shiny finish because they do not want the floors to look messy when they have not been swept for a couple of days. One final consideration is to choose a flooring color that will not make each stray pet hair stand out like an exclamation point.


Custom flooring that spoils pets rotten

Do your pets like to jump on the furniture because the floor is too cold for them? Having the right flooring surface is one idea to creating the perfect floor for a pet, but heated flooring is something that truly spoils them. In some homes, the heated flooring is distributed in the bathroom, but these panels do not need to cover an entire room. For a special treat for pets, heated floor panels can be added under their favorite places to take a nap anywhere in the home.