How to Solve 5 of your Biggest Carpet Issues

rainbow-carpetYour carpet is a comfortable, cozy part of your home. However, because carpets are just big pieces of fabric that cover your floor, sometimes things can go wrong. Because carpets require a little more everyday involvement than hardwood floors, it can seem overwhelming to deal with the biggest issues. Here are some common problems and solutions.


Static buildup in a carpet isn’t a catastrophe. However, it can be a minor annoyance, particularly when your kids won’t stop “shocking” each other and getting into fights, and when you can no longer touch your appliances for fear of getting zapped. Static is often just an issue of dry air. If you add some moisture to the air with a humidifier, this should help combat your static issues very quickly. Make sure you find the right humidifier with the right settings. Otherwise, you’ll be combating a condensation problem. Or worse, if your home is warm, you may end up with a mold problem before you know it.


Stains in your carpet can be mitigated with a little forethought. While most carpets are stain-resistant, accidents can still happen. Next time you end up with a spill, pour warm water over the area and sop it up with a dry cloth. You’ll find that a lot of the issue is soaked up into the cloth. Over the long term, however, it’s important to treat the stain right away with a carpet cleaning agent. Be careful not to scrub at the stain, because scrubbing can upset the fibers in the carpet and ruin them.


Snags are annoying, and while you may be tempted to pull them out, don’t do it! You’re better off taking a pair of scissors and cutting away offending fibers so that they are down at the level of the rest of the carpet pile. This way, they won’t be sticking out to get snagged again, but they won’t ruin your carpet’s appeal either.


A warped carpet is usually a sign of a moisture issue. Carpets will usually straighten themselves out when the weather becomes drier and the humidity goes back to normal, but if the issue doesn’t go away, you may have to have your carpet re-stretched. You also may have a carpet that was not properly installed to start with, and in that case this issue will pop up within the first few weeks of having it installed. Call the installer back to your home to have the problem fixed.


Dents can happen when you place furniture on your carpet and leave it too long. You can mitigate this problem by placing furniture glides under the feet of your couches, tables, beds, and other offending pieces. You also may want to move your furniture a few inches every occasionally, to make sure the problem doesn’t get worse.

Carpet issues can easily age a room and make it look dingier than it really is, but most issues are easily solved using these tips and tricks. Else, consult the experts at Custom Carpet and Floor for questions, advice and solutions.