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Bamboo Flooring

Are you interested in taking the aesthetic of your home to a new level? Consider investing in bamboo flooring by Custom Carpet & Floors in Rockville, MD!

Advantages of Bamboo Floors

  • Environmentally friendly- Made from natural vegetation, the bamboo plant is resourceful and develops in maturity in as little as three to five years
  • Easy to maintain- Usually all that is required is swift sweeping or quick vacuuming in order to clean small particle debris.
  • Water resistant- The material is more resistant to water damage, stain, and warping

Custom Carpet & Floors is Your Top Store for Bamboo Flooring in Montgomery County Maryland

Because of its unique appeal and soft tones, it is ideal for complimenting interior design items. This flooring also comes in a color range of light honey shades and dark amber.

Visit our showroom in Rockville, MD to discover all the amazing benefits bamboo flooring has to offer!