Things to Consider Before You Purchase Brand New Carpet

Hardwood floors may have grown in popularity, but carpets will always be the favorite choice for flooring in homes everywhere. Carpet doesn’t require any special technology to stay warm in the winter. Carpet is also soft, so it is a better option if you have kids who are going to run around all day. You need to put a lot of thought into buying your carpet. Unlike hardwood or imitation hardwood, some carpet won’t match the overall layout of your home. But, deciding what carpet will match the interior of your home is just one small detail to consider in the process.

Know the Fiber

Different carpets will have different fibers. The fibers are going to affect how easily the carpet stains and how easy it is to clean. It is also going to affect the way it feels on your feet. So, if you want a soft, easy-to-clean carpet look at the specification sheet on each sample.

If You Want to Paint, Paint First

If you are laying new carpet as part of a remodel, wait at least a month after painting to put it down. This gives the paint enough time to dry; thus, preventing it from getting on your new carpet. The only advantage to laying the carpet before painting is not worrying about the walls getting damaged. If you lay the carpet first, then you are going to make the painter’s life a lot harder. It is easier to repaint a nick than it is to get dry paint out of your carpet.

Don’t Forget About Padding

Padding is a necessary part of the carpet buying process. Padding adds an extra layer of support and cushioning to your flooring. Padding can be made of rubber or foam-like material. The type of padding you buy will rely on the carpet you buy and how much traffic you think a certain part of the carpet will get. Once you’ve decided on a carpet, contact the manufacturer and ask them what kind of padding they recommend.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

You shouldn’t spend your entire home renovation budget on your carpet. If there is a style you like, keep looking to see if there are any discounts available. The point of putting in new carpet is to make your home look nicer. Nobody will know if you buy the cheaper option as long as the carpet you buy is clean. But, if you decide the expensive carpet is what you want it is okay to rearrange your budget to fit the purchase. You will also save money in the long run by buying the carpet best suited for each room.

Carpet is always a safe choice when it comes to flooring. It is soft and warm, so it will always give your home a cozy atmosphere. Choosing the right carpet for your home is the tricky part. You should always look for the most affordable style that will be able to handle the most wear-and-tear. Installing new carpets will help make your home look brand new.